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How to Avoid Cavities by Flossing

You have probably heard this since you were a small child, but brushing and flossing should be an important part of your hygiene routine every day. Oftentimes, flossing is the most difficult step to remember. Avoiding this vital technique can not only irritate the gums and lead to gum disease, but can increase patients’ risk of cavities. Protect your teeth and gums by flossing the right way.
Why Is Flossing Important?
Flossing is crucial because it removes bacteria that would otherwise be overlooked by simply brushing. You should devote a couple minutes every day to flossing your teeth. If you have children, make sure you floss their teeth as well because they might forget.

Proper Flossing Method
Today, there are numerous options for flossing your teeth. You can use disposable picks or acquire an oral irrigator. However, if you want to learn how to floss your teeth the traditional way, here are the steps:

  • First, separate nearly 18 inches of floss. Wrap a little bit around each of your middle fingers.
  • Next, grab onto the floss with your forefingers and thumbs.
  • Being very gentle, guide the floss between all your teeth. Never aggressively floss because this can lead to bleeding gums.
  • Once the floss reaches your gum line, curve it against a tooth into the shape of a “C.” This action guides it into the space between your teeth and gum tissue.
  • You want to keep the floss against the side of each tooth. Repeat these steps for all your teeth, including the back sides of the teeth at the back of your mouth.

Once you are done, throw away the floss. It will not be good for another use.

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