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How The LANAP Laser Treats Periodontal Disease

Laser periodontal treatment is by far the most advanced way to treat advanced periodontal disease. This method of treatment has been on the scene since 1994 – powering a quarter century of dental innovation.
The amazing LANAP laser is the key tool involved in laser periodontal treatment, and anyone considering treating their gum disease with this handheld dental laser should know something about it.

What Is The LANAP Laser And What Does It Do?
LANAP stands for laser-assisted new attachment procedure, and the laser that bears that name is focused on treating gum disease and ensuring your gum tissue is safely attached to your tooth roots and naturally regenerating itself. The LANAP laser is all about getting healthy gums faster in the least invasive manner possible.

First developed by Robert Gregg and Delwin McCarthy back in 1994, the LANAP is a pulsating device that a trained periodontist holds in his or her hand while treating even advanced periodontitis. The laser’s strength and penetration depth vary as needed, and it cuts or burns away diseased gum tissue in a hyper-precise manner.

This means you get rid of the bad tissue while avoiding loss of the good gum tissue still remaining in your mouth. LANAP actually selects infected periodontal tissue and distinguishes it from healthy gum tissue and connective tissues below your gums. It is especially adept at vaporizing bacteria inside of deep periodontal pockets.

Additionally, this “super laser” self-cauterizes affected gum tissue to minimize bleeding, involves less pain and swelling than other gum treatment methods, and stimulates the regeneration of gums, alveolar bone, and periodontal ligaments. It also can be used to clean and prepare the surface of tooth roots to more successfully attach to gum tissue again following gum surgery.

LANAP Kills Multiple Types Of Bacteria
To attain to long term gum health and avoid reinfection after treating periodontal disease, thorough eradication of harmful gum bacteria must be accomplished. And there are multiple types of pathogens that must be destroyed.

Studies have shown that LANAP lasers kill off at least three types of mouth bacteria without harming normal body tissues. These bacterium include porphyromonas gingivalis, whose “black colonies” contribute to periodontitis; prevotella intermedia, which is often found in severe gingivitis tissue; and candida albicans, a kind of fungus that can infect the gums, oral cavity, and whole body.

The bottom line is simple: LANAP lasers are the superior method of destroying bacteria colonies in the gums without any “collateral damage”.

What To Expect With Laser Periodontal Treatment
The great thing about laser periodontal treatment is that you can have it completed in a single day. Most people say they felt little to no pain, and the treatment process usually only takes a few hours.

Your gums will feel sore for a while after the procedure, but most people can return to work and their normal daily routine within only 24 hours. Overall, the recovery process is much less challenging and much quicker than with traditional periodontal treatment.

Post-op, you will need to avoid brushing near or on the affected areas of your gums until they heal. Just brush where you can, gently, with a soft-bristled toothbrush and use a disinfectant mouth rinse. Also, avoid hard foods, spicy foods, and extremely hot/cold foods and beverages for a few days. Be sure to follow your periodontist’s instructions to speed up recovery even more.

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