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How Lasers Have Revolutionized Periodontal Treatment

In the last couple of decades, huge strides have been made in laser periodontal treatment, and today one periodontal laser has accomplished what can only be called a revolution in how periodontal therapy is done.
The FDA approved the Millennium MVP 7 laser for use in the periodontal pockets in the hands of a trained periodontist using specific settings and protocols. The necessary experience for their optimal results contribute to bringing a large number of benefits to those suffering from gum disease – especially to those with the more advanced form of gum disease known as periodontitis.

Laser Periodontal Treatment Saves Time
Traditional periodontal treatments sometimes take several appointments to complete. A series of scaling and root planing appointments with local anesthetic is part of the initial phase of conventional treatment. This means more time in the dental chair, more days taken off work, more travel time, and days on end waiting for full recovery.

A laser treatment, also known as LANAP, usually can be completed in one or two sittings. It may only take a few hours and does not involve blade surgery or sutures which often need to be removed later. Plus, the healing process is much faster with less postoperative pain. Only the MVP 7 was approved by the FDA to generate new periodontal attachment with bone, cementum and fiber regeneration. The treatment is so comfortable in fact, most patients say they are ready to go back to work in 24 hours or less.

Virtually Painless With Little To No Bleeding
When you treat periodontal disease with a LANAP procedure, the patient feels little to no discomfort during the operation. The laser stimulates an internal fibrin clot which stabilizes the area initially, allowing for further repair. So there is very little, if any, postoperative bleeding. There is also less post-op swelling and less post-op gum sensitivity than with scalpel-based gum disease treatments. Your gums will still need time to fully recover and be a bit sensitive, but laser surgery gives you a distinct advantage in comfort at this point.

Thorough Destruction Of Harmful Bacteria
The MVP 7 laser using the patented LANAP protocol is capable of destroying the large bulk of harmful bacteria living in infected gum tissue. It can destroy bacteria colonies in deep periodontal pockets with relative ease without harming normal, healthy tissues. This laser protocol is also extremely adept at killing bacteria from tooth roots cementum and dentin.

Laser periodontal patients have a lower rate of post-op infections than other surgical approaches for periodontal patients. The reason? This laser has a specific frequency and power that is extremely effective at eradicating the harmful pigmented bacteria!

Retention And Regeneration Of Healthy Gum Tissue
Which method of treating gum disease destroys the least amount of healthy gum tissue while eliminating unhealthy tissue? The answer is: LANAP with the Millennium MVP 7 laser.

Virtually zero healthy tissue is destroyed because the laser is so incredibly precise. Plus, it is able to adjust its strength so as to not harm healthy tissue. That means all the bad, infected tissue can be safely removed with no significant loss of good tissue.

May Cost No More Than “Ordinary” Periodontal Treatment
You may wonder if laser periodontal treatment is affordable. The truth is, all major periodontal surgery can be a significant investment, depending on how extensive the disease.

Laser surgery could cost less or more than some alternative surgeries initially but delivers consistent results in very advanced cases. In the long run the best result is saving your teeth whenever possible and allowing you to resume daily work and living activities and enjoying your life. Quality of life matters to you and to the staff at Dr Kenzik’s office!

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