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How Effective are Laser Periodontal Treatments?

Due to the invasive nature of traditional gum disease treatments like flap surgery, many patients want an easier, less painful option. Since the early 90s, laser periodontal treatment has been considered a minimally invasive alternative to traditional surgery. Because it is much less painful and offers a shorter recovery time, it’s easy to see why this procedure has become so popular.

However many wonder if laser periodontal treatment (LANAP) is actually effective when it comes to treating moderate to severe gum disease. The truth is thousands of patients see excellent results from this procedure every year. Read on to learn all about this innovative procedure and how Dr. Stuart Beauchamp at Ormond Beach Periodontics leverages cutting-edge laser technology to achieve fantastic results for his patients.

How Does LANAP Work?

During LANAP, a small, high-powered dental laser is used to eliminate gum disease by targeting harmful bacteria on the infected tissue. It also sterilizes the remaining tissue and helps to promote gum regeneration. The laser is able to target the infected gums with precision because diseased tissue tends to be a darker color, which naturally attracts the laser while leaving the healthy tissue intact.

The full procedure can be done in about an hour, but multiple appointments may be required depending on the severity of the disease. You might experience mild discomfort during LANAP, but a local anesthetic can be used during treatment for pain management. Mild soreness and sensitivity are also common for a day or two afterward, but it’s nothing compared to the lengthy recovery time of flap surgery and other invasive procedures. You will most likely be able to drive yourself home after the procedure.

Some benefits of LANAP include:

  • No incisions and no stitches
  • Significantly less pain and discomfort than traditional surgery
  • A quick recovery with significantly less chance of post-op infection
  • Promotes the regrowth of healthy gum tissue
  • Less gum loss
  • Little to no bleeding or swelling
  • Less gum sensitivity
  • Most patients qualify (including teens, adults, and seniors)

Most importantly, the procedure is very safe. Only an FDA-approved laser is used for LANAP. Because the laser cauterizes the tissue, there is very little risk of complications.

Is LANAP Effective?

Several clinical studies have proven the effectiveness of laser periodontal treatment. LANAP has about an 87.9% success rate and patients are less likely to experience tooth loss following the procedure. They’re also less likely to have gum disease reach the same level of severity.

LANAP is highly effective and thanks to its ability to produce great results, it’s becoming one of the most popular periodontal treatments available. Treating gum disease quickly is important, as it can cause substantial bone and gum loss over time. Laser treatment is usually highly preferred compared to traditional scalpel surgeries.

Why You Should Choose Ormond Beach Periodontics for Laser Periodontal Treatment

Not all periodontal practices are licensed to perform LANAP, which is one of the reasons why patients across Ormond Beach and Central Florida seek out Dr. Stuart Beauchamp at Ormond Beach Periodontics. Dr. Beauchamp has been performing LANAP for years and is one of the very best in the business. Dr. Beauchamp builds a rapport with patients and goes above and beyond to answer questions and provide as much information as possible regarding conditions, treatments, and procedures. Our practice offers one of the friendliest, most comfortable office experiences around.

We Use Cutting-Edge Laser Technology

Not only is Dr. Beauchamp highly experienced with LANAP, but he has invested in one of the best lasers on the market to ensure the very best patient outcomes. He uses a Periolase MVP-7 Digital Truepulse Laser System to perform the procedure. It’s a 6-watt variable pulsed laser. It has 7 pulse durations, which is the most of any laser on the market. While some practices use continuous wave lasers, this specific technology emits digital square pulses, which gives tissue the ability to thermally relax between each pulse. This technology results in 20% more efficiency than analog pulse lasers. Not only is it one of the best dental lasers available, it’s specifically designed for patient safety.

Finally ready to tackle gum disease and restore a healthy smile? If you’ve been delaying gum disease care due to the fear of invasive oral surgery, our award-winning practice can make it a breeze with laser periodontal treatment. Contact us Ormond Beach Periodontics to schedule your appointment today.

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