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Here’s What To Look For In Your Search For A Periodontist Near Me

We often hear about patients seeking dental implants or gum disease treatment doing a quick Google search for “Periodontist Near Me” as a way to find local providers. While search engines will likely refer you to some highly rated practices, how do you know if a periodontist is right for your unique condition?

Most dentists will refer you to a periodontist, but if you’ve decided to do your own research, online reviews can only take you so far. When choosing a medical provider to perform significant oral surgery, you need to visit someone you trust. This often requires a bit of extra research before deciding on a final candidate.

At Ormond Beach Periodontics, we often encourage potential patients to interview us during their initial visit, so they can determine for themselves if we’re the right fit. Patient comfort is so important for positive treatment outcomes, so we highly encourage our patients to get to know us first.  If you’re searching for a “Periodontist Near Me”, here are some things you’ll definitely want to explore after contacting a local provider:

1. Credentials And Experience

All periodontists are required to complete the same amount of education and training, but not all periodontists have the same amount of experience. How long has your prospective periodontist been practicing? What is their experience treating your particular condition? If you’re looking for a provider who you can trust, you may want to consider choosing someone who has many years of experience. You may also consider asking where the prospective periodontist went to school, and if they’ve ever been published in any medical/dental publications.

Ormond Beach Perio has been a practice for many years, and Dr. Stuart Beauchamp specializes in treating gum disease, soft tissue grafting, setting dental implants, and more. He earned his DMD from the Dental College of Georgia, and he even had an article on dental implants in the esthetic zone published in Implant Dentistry. Our practice has extensive experience treating a wide range of oral health conditions, and we’re confident we can provide you with the best care around.

2. Convenience

If you’re getting dental implants or treatment for gum disease, chances are you’ll need to see your periodontist multiple times. It can be difficult trying to fit in appointments, especially when juggling work and kids. Therefore, you want to choose a practice that’s close to home or work. Furthermore, you want a practice that is able to work on your schedule and that offers flexibility when it comes to scheduling.

At Ormond Beach Periodontics, we don’t simply “fit in” our patients where we can. We do everything we can to accommodate our patient’s busy schedules. We try to work with you to schedule your appointments well in advance, and we’re flexible when patients need to reschedule. We also do everything we can to keep our schedule on track and prevent lengthy waiting room times. Our office hours are Monday through Friday from 8 am to 5 pm.

3. Treatment Philosophy & Pain Management

Oral health conditions can be painful and difficult to treat. Your mouth will also likely require significant time to heal after most periodontal procedures. Therefore, it’s critical to choose a periodontist who will take the right approach to treatment and pain management. You’ll likely want a periodontist who can tackle your condition with the most effective, least painful option available. Additionally, you should also ask your provider what sedation dentistry options are available for patients to manage pain during a procedure. Bottom line, you want to choose a practice that makes you feel comfortable every time you stop in for a visit.

Patient comfort is the number one priority at Ormond Beach Perio. We aim to provide you with all of the necessary information about your condition and our treatment options, so you can decide what’s best for you. We also have less-invasive, less-painful treatment options for treating gum disease like Laser Periodontal Treatment (LANAP). Plus, we do almost all testing and imaging in-house. We also offer numerous sedation options, including conscious sedation, to help ensure our patients are comfortable during every procedure. Not to mention our hand-crafted leather seats and huge office windows!

If you’re trying to find a periodontist on your own, skip the “Periodontist Near Me” Google search. Instead, call us at Ormond Beach Periodontics and Implant Dentistry today. We’re dedicated to creating a pleasant patient experience for everyone who visits our office.

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