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Fix Your Smile With Teeth in a Day

One common reason people who are missing teeth in Ormond Beach FL or having dental issues forgo the dentist is because they are pressed for time. Many of those people may have had former experiences where their dental appointments ran unusually long. Thanks to recent advances in dental technology, Dr. Raymond A. Kenzik offers the teeth in a day in Ormond Beach FL procedure.
What Sets the Teeth in a Day Procedure Apart
The teeth in a day procedure, also known as immediate load dental implants, is a great alternative to the traditional dental implant installation process. Instead of having to wait several months and come into the office for different stages of the implant process before receiving the smile they want, patients can have their dental implants installed and completed in just one day.

Benefits of teeth in a day include:

  • More convenience
  • Procedure completed in less time
  • Fewer dental visits needed
  • No waiting period after tooth extraction
  • Immediate smile transformation

Missing teeth can be replaced immediately. There is no need to wait the traditional four- to six-month waiting period after having implant surgery to get a new smile. Now Dr. Kenzik can place your implants right away once your surgery is over. The best part is the procedure only takes one hour.

Even though you may be interested in having the immediate load dental implant procedure, not everyone is a fitting candidate. Ideal candidates are those who meet specific criteria. To determine whether the procedure is a good fit for your dental needs, you will be required to have a consultation. During your consultation, Dr. Kenzik will exam your teeth, gums and jawbone structure. He will also assess your overall dental health.

Thanks to the teeth in a day procedure, you can walk in with missing teeth and walk out with a brand new smile. If you are tired of hiding your smile and want to transform your appearance, give Dr. Raymond Kenzik a call at 386-672-9440 for a consultation.

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