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Don’t Settle For Less: Choose Dental Implants For A Lasting Smile

Healthy teeth are important. Tooth loss can have a major impact on your physical and mental health. Missing teeth affect your ability to chew, speak, and smile, and can even impact personal and professional relationships. Worst of all, missing teeth can result in jawbone deterioration over time.

Because tooth loss can have such a devastating effect, resolving the issue quickly is important for your overall well-being. The good news is there are several treatment options available for tooth loss. Among them, dental implants are widely regarded as the best solution. Dental implants look and feel very much like real teeth and can help you feel like yourself again. Plus, it’s never been easier to get them. 

Common Options For Tooth Loss

When seeking options for missing teeth, patients generally choose one of the following solutions:

  • Dental Bridge
    A dental bridge is an artificial structure that “bridges” the gap created by a missing tooth. The structure is secured in place by the neighboring teeth. You can receive a fixed bridge, which is a filler tooth connected by two crowns on either side or a resin-bonded bridge, which is porcelain connected to ceramic teeth with wings that connect to existing teeth. Bridges can restore your bite and smile; however, they can also impact neighboring teeth, and they also don’t prevent bone loss, which happens when the jaw no longer receives in the area of the missing tooth.
  • Dentures
    Dentures are a set of artificial teeth and gums that replace either a portion or a full gum line of teeth. Dentures are custom designed to fit your mouth and are held in place with a layer of resin and polymer material that attaches to the gums. Dentures can also restore your bite and smile, but they come with limitations. You can’t wear them overnight, you can’t eat certain foods, and they can even make it difficult to speak. While they are comfortable, you will definitely feel their presence throughout the day.
  • Dental Implants
    The best option for replacing missing teeth is dental implants. Implants consist of titanium pieces that are connected directly to the jaw. On top, abutments secure crowns that look and behave like real teeth. Depending on how many teeth you’re missing, single implants and multiple implants are both options. Dental implants are placed over a series of appointments and require time and care to heal properly. However, once in place, patients can expect their bite to feel normal again.

Why Choose Dental Implants

Dental implants have few downsides, and they have several advantages over bridges, dentures, and other options. Because most patients don’t realize they’re there, dental implants are the go-to solution for a lasting smile. Here are a few of their many benefits:

  • They Prevent Jaw Deterioration
    Jaw density loss is a common concern for patients suffering from tooth loss, and dentures and bridges don’t prevent it. If the jaw doesn’t receive regular stimulation from chewing, it begins to deteriorate. Because dental implants attach directly to the jaw, they’re able to prevent or slow bone loss.
  • They’re Comfortable
    One of the biggest advantages of dental implants is how they feel. Dental implants restore normal bite and chewing function, and they feel almost identical to real teeth. Plus, they’re highly comfortable.  While you may feel some pain and swelling in the days following the procedure, both will quickly subside.
  • They Look Fantastic
    Dental implants are the best choice for smile restoration because they look exactly like neighboring teeth. Because they look so natural, many people can’t tell the difference, so it’s easy to regain your confidence.

While dental implants can be expensive and they can take some time to place, most patients find they’re well worth the investment.

Am I a Candidate For Dental Implants?

Many patients suffering from tooth loss are candidates for dental implants; however, you should discuss your medical history with your periodontist. Overall health is one of the main considerations when determining eligibility.

Oral health specifically is a strong consideration. Your gums must be healthy enough to heal around the implants. If you’re suffering from gum disease, you may need to seek treatment prior to receiving dental implants.

Even patients suffering from jawbone deterioration can still receive dental implants. An experienced periodontist can perform a bone graft to help strengthen the jaw in the area of the implant. 

When it comes to options for missing teeth, don’t settle for less. Dental implants are as close to real teeth as you can get. Call 386-672-9440 to schedule your consultation with Dr. Stuart Beauchamp at Ormond Beach Periodontics today.

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