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Dental Implants or Dentures: Which Is The Right Fit For You?

Two of the most common methods of tooth restoration after suffering tooth loss are dental implants and dentures. But how do you know which option is right for you? And is it possible to have both implants and dentures?
Modern Dental Implants
Tooth restoration techniques have improved immensely over the last couple decades, and today, titanium “roots” can be implanted into your periodontal tissue and in/on the underlying jawbone, to which it will fuse as it heals. A natural-looking dental crown may then be affixed to the top of the implant rod, and small support posts may also be used (with certain types of implants only.)

The result is a fully functional, aesthetically pleasing artificial tooth that feels comfortable in your mouth and is 100% safe.

Dental implants of this type are no longer a rare exception but are fast becoming a “new rule.” And implant operations are successful 99% of the time, while the end-result is highly durable, lasting as long as 40 years or more.

In some cases, you may need ridge augmentation surgery or gum graft surgery before a dental implant can be installed. But in other cases, you might be able to get your placed and loaded in the same day. It all depends on the condition of your mouth in the area where the implant will go, so you’ll need to consult your periodontist to find the best path forward.

Implant-supported Dentures
Traditional dentures are still very common, but they have many serious drawbacks (and their their wearers are quite familiar with that fact.) For example, they require removing food particles after every meal, they, must be taken out before you sleep, and often require a sticky paste to stay in place.

But those are minor concerns compared to this: traditional dentures can make your gums sore and wear down on your underlying alveolar ridge bone, until the denture no longer fits. Then you need to get a new one made.

An alternative to traditional dentures that solves all these problems is implant-supported permanent dentures. You will need to have four implant rods put in to act as supports on which your new dentures can rest. This makes them much more stable, more comfortable, more functional, and highly durable.

Making the Call: Implants or Dentures?
If you have only one or a few missing teeth, dental implants capped with crowns are the obvious winner in this decision.

And if you are missing all or most of your teeth on the upper and/or lower jaw, then dentures may be a consideration, but even better the fixed hybrid denture could be the way to go with the denture actually attached to specific dental implants which can be worn immediately after placting the implants in most cases. since an excessive number of individual implants could be expensive, take a long time to complete, and require numerous separate surgeries. the fixed hybrid is a same day alternative requiring fewer implants.

But the call may differ from person to person, and there will be “in between” situation where you could easily go with either dentures , or fixed hybrid dentures or crowned implants. You’ll definitely want to consult with your dentist so you can make a fully informed decision on the type of restoration you can have.

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