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Can You Prevent The Development Of Peri-implantitis?

The use of dental implants has steadily grown in popularity. They’re a popular option for tooth replacement for many reasons. They allow you to keep more of your natural teeth, require the same care as natural teeth, and can help you to avoid the bone loss associated with some other tooth replacement options such as dentures and bridges. Any surgical procedure is going to come with its own risks, but is there anything you can do to decrease the likelihood of complications following dental implant surgery?
What is Peri-implantitis?
At its core, peri-implantitis is simply an infection at the implant site within your gum that can develop post-surgery. The same bacterial infection that caused you to lose a tooth originally, finds its way to the post of the implant and begins to cause problems. As the popularity of dental implants has increased, the rate of peri-implantitis has also increased, but that isn’t necessarily cause for concern in terms of whether or not you should seek dental implant surgery. With proper post-implant care and support, your implant will be healthy for years to come.

Is there anything you can do?
As always, the best preventative measures are regular checkups with your periodontist as well as a closely maintained oral health routine. By brushing and flossing each day, you can monitor your oral health and are more likely to notice when something is wrong. Peri-implantitis is preceded by peri-implant mucositis, which could show itself through red swollen gums that may bleed. While this might sound scary, as long as you consistently maintain your oral health there’s likely nothing to worry about. However, it is important to remember how you ended up in a position where you required dental implants in the first place.

If you never corrected the bad habits that led to the point of losing your natural teeth, then it makes sense that your oral health will not magically improve just because you invested in dental implants. Unless you make changes and take steps to protect your oral health, then you’re putting yourself at risk of complications.

If you’re concerned that you may be having issues as a result of your dental implants, it’s important to contact your periodontist right away. As with any oral health issue, catching it early on is always key. If you’re worried about your oral health, contact Dr. Raymond Kenzik’s Periodontal office to schedule a consultation. Our office in Ormond Beach, FL, is outfitted with the dental treatment technology we need in order to serve you best.

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