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Answers To 7 FAQs On Teeth Express Dental Implants

Around 70% of American adults between the ages of 35 and 44 are missing at least one tooth, and some 25% of those age 74 and above are missing all of their natural teeth. Given the impacts on chewing, digestion, oral health, gum and jawbone health, pronunciation, and the aesthetics of your smile that tooth loss can have, it’s no surprise that millions of Americans are resorting to dental implants as the solution to the problem of tooth loss.
At the periodontal practice of Dr. Raymond A. Kenzik in Ormond Beach, Florida, Teeth Express allows you to get dental implants in a single day. This has many advantages for patients, and it also raises many questions.

Here are answers to 7 of the most frequently asked questions about Teeth Express:

1. Does Everyone Qualify For Teeth Express?
While most patients are eligible for our Teeth Express program, not everyone can qualify. If your gums and/or underlying bone tissue is too badly deteriorated, soft tissue or bone grafts may be needed first. And if you have severe periodontal disease, periodontal treatment must first be done.

2. How Long Does The Procedure Take?
With our same-day implants, you can expect a single implant to be finished in around an hour or less normally. The exact amount of time will depend, however, on the complexity of the case and the number of implants being installed.

3. How Many Implants Can I Get In One Day?
With the use of IV sedation and Oral sedation you could have as many implants as you need to support your restoration. Generally, the minimum of four implants is necessary, but you could need six to support your denture depending on the quality of your natural bone.

4. Is The Implant Process Painful?
Due to our judicious use of local anesthetics and, upon request, of IV or Oral dental sedation, the process of getting dental implants at Dr. Kenzik’s is very low-pain. There may be some temporary minor bleeding and a small amount of pain after the anesthetic wears off, but most patients are happy to say it’s relatively pain-free.

5. Can I Use My New Teeth Right Away?
Yes, you can use your implants right away (if you get a temporary crown placed during the procedure.) But you will still want to avoid putting much pressure on the implant teeth until the implant roots fully fuse to the jawbone, which could take weeks or a few months at most. Later, we can place a permanent crown on the implant abutment.

6. What If The Implants Fail?
Rest assured that an implant failure is extremely uncommon: A success rate of 96% is not uncommon. Some implants may fail due to a medical compromise— you can review your medical history with your dentist . And in the rare case that an implant did fail, it almost always happens soon after the surgery. When it can be replaced or many years later due to trauma or unusual oral infections. Otherwise, they last for decades, usually for a lifetime. But if an implant failed, we would replace it with a slightly larger implant placed in the same or a different location.

7. Will My Dental Insurance Cover Teeth Express?
Normally, dental insurance will cover at least a portion of any dental implant surgery, sometimes all of it. It depends, of course, on your specific policy.

Same-day implants save you time, hassle, and money (by reducing the number of dental visits), and they can be done with minimal discomfort.

To learn more about Teeth Express and if it’s right for you, contact Dr. Kenzik in Volusia and Flagler Counties, FL.

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