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Answering 5 Common Questions About Laser Periodontal Treatment

Four out of every five US adults will experience some form of gum disease at some point in life; and yet, less than one in ten actually receive any form of periodontal treatment whatsoever. This kind of neglect can lead to severe infections, tooth loss, and the spreading of inflammation to other parts of the body.
Many have heard of the existence of laser periodontal treatment and may be wondering if this is their best option. On the one hand, be sure to discuss your specific situation with your local periodontist; but, on the other hand, we can answer some of the most common questions about laser gum surgery right here and now.

1. Is Laser Periodontal Treatment Safe?
Many who would love to benefit from laser gum treatment balk at it, supposing that perhaps it may not be safe. But this is totally untrue. In fact, this very noninvasive treatment type is among the safest possible ways to treat all stages and forms of gum disease.

As long as your periodontist is fully trained and certified to use LANAP, or other laser treatment systems, you are in safe hands. Special laser tools, like the Periolase MVP-7, give the dental surgeon extraordinary control and precision throughout the procedure.

2. How Painful Is It?
Laser periodontal treatment in virtually painless. Most patients report little to no pain during the treatment and very minimal discomfort during recovery. Typically, you need some local anesthetic, but sedation is optional.

There is much less bleeding, swelling, or sensitivity of the gums involved as compared with more traditional methods of gum treatment. And the mere fact that there is not cutting with a scalpel or any dental sutures needed, speaks for itself as to pain reduction.

3. How Effective Is It?
Re-infection rates following laser gum surgery are lower than with any other method. Harmful bacteria is more thoroughly destroyed, along with infected gum tissue, while little to no healthy gum tissue is removed. Additionally, these kinds of lasers cauterize while in use to prevent bleeding and actually stimulate the gums to encourage faster regeneration of new gum tissue.

While the cost might mean deciding to reserve laser surgery for more severe or advanced cases of gum disease (but not necessarily!), the fact is, it is always the best overall choice when simply considering effectiveness and success rates.

4. How Long Will It Take?
In most cases, it takes only a single dental visit of a few hours at most to complete laser gum surgery. Of course, the exact amount of time required will vary based on the extent and nature of your gum problems.

A big plus is that recovery time, post-op, is much faster. Most people are back to work and their daily routine within 24 hours. It can take 2 to 4 weeks to get to that point with scalpel based procedures. Healing is both quicker and much more comfortable.

5. Will My Insurance Cover It?
Given that laser gum treatment requires fewer dental visits and won’t force downtime from work like other treatments, it may cost little to no more than other options, all things considered.

But the good news is that some dental insurance plans will cover it anyway since this is a “necessary” (not primarily cosmetic) procedure.

For more information on laser periodontal treatment, or to schedule a consultation or get a quote, contact Dr. Raymond A. Kenzik today.

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