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Am I A Good Candidate For Teeth In One Day?

Perhaps you’ve heard of Teeth In One Day – that is, same-day dental implants. With this revolutionary dental method, you can get functional, visually appealing implants and replacement teeth “installed” in a single dental visit.
That’s a step up from the multiple visits and longer wait time involved in regular dental implants, but how do same-day implants work and how do you qualify for the procedure?

How Does Teeth In One Day Work?
There is a lot that goes into the decision-making process in deciding on dental implants, but there’s a second decision to be made as well – whether to opt for same-day or traditional dental implants.

Traditionally, you get the implant body put in but must wait a significant amount of time before placing the replacement teeth. In the meantime, your smile is altered and you’ll likely struggle to use your mouth to chew and speak normally during the interim.

Even with same-day implants, there is of course a period of healing, but the difference is you get a temporary crown placed same-day. In some cases, the permanent crown can even be placed right away. You have to be careful and “go easy” on the implant-and-crown for awhile, but you can enjoy reasonable functionality and full aesthetics immediately post-op.

Who Is A Good Candidate For Teeth In One Day?
Not everyone is a good candidate for Teeth In One Day. If you can’t get your implants done same-day, however, rest assured you can get them put in the traditional way.

If you lack sufficient bone structure and gum tissue to support and surround the metal implant root, you may need bone graft and/or gum graft surgery before implant surgery. You would need to go with traditional instead of same-day implants in such a case – after the preparatory surgeries and recovery time.

You also need to be free from serious periodontal disease before receiving implants of any kind, and your oral cavity in general needs to be reasonably healthy.

If you suffer from chronic teeth grinding or clenching, then you should stick with ordinary implant surgery – and even then, you need to get help with your teeth grinding pre-op so you can follow your periodontist’s instructions to the letter post-op and not damage the new implant.

Also, if you suffer from any medical conditions that could affect the healing process, you need to discuss this with your periodontist before deciding on implants or Teeth In One Day. Your full medical history, habits, oral health, and more will be a part of the overall indication, and all of this is fleshed out during a preliminary consultation.

Teeth In One Day Is Safe
Sometimes, you may read negative views and reviews online about medical procedures, including same-day dental implants. But the truth is, this type of implant procedure has a 98% success rate, while non-same-day techniques have a 99% success rate. There is, thus, little difference overall, and even should a problem arise, your periodontist would know how to fix it. Same-day implants will fuse to the bone just like other implants. They will function just as well and last just as long in most cases.

To learn more about how Teeth In One Day works and whether it’s right for you, contact Dr. Raymond A. Kenzik today!

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