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Additional Benefits of Dental Implants

In an earlier post, we mentioned 5 top advantages of getting dental implants; but in reality, there are other benefits that go beyond these five. Dental implants are generally superior to removable dentures, bridges, and other tooth restoration options. They give you the look, feel, function, and comfort of natural teeth and avoid many of the problems of the alternatives.
Here are yet 5 more benefits of opting for dental implants:

1. Keep Your Natural Face Shape And Smile
Excessive tooth loss can actually impact the shape of your face over time, causing it to look “sunken” and unnatural. And even a single tooth missing, if in a highly visible frontal position, can disrupt your natural smile. Dental implants prevent both of those potential problems.

2. Protection Of Your Bone And Gum Tissue
Over time, missing teeth lead to bone resorption and sinking gum tissue. Other methods of tooth restoration do not solve this problem since they do not put tooth-like pressures where your tooth used to be. Without these pressures, your body naturally lets the bone and gum shrink because it thinks they are no longer needed.

3. No Damage Done To Adjacent Teeth
Bridges restore teeth but require support from one or more adjacent teeth, and that entails removing some of the material from those other teeth in order secure a firm enough attachment. Implants don’t even touch the nearby teeth. And they also prevent nearby teeth from drifting into the space left by the missing tooth.

4. You Maintain Your Normal Lifestyle
Dentures put limitations on what you can eat, the ease with which you can chew or speak, and can even make it uncomfortable to smile, laugh, kiss, cough, or yawn. Implants, by contrast, let you eat, speak, and use your mouth in all the ordinary ways you are used to!

5. Implants Can’t Get Cavities
The one advantage implants have over even natural teeth is that they cannot get a cavity, decay, or deteriorate. They aren’t likely to ever chip, crack, or fissure either. You still need to see your periodontist from time to time for dental care and to exercise normal dental hygiene at home – but your implant tooth isn’t going to deteriorate. In fact, it should last for a lifetime.

How Difficult Is It To Get Dental Implants?
But despite the many benefits of getting dental implants, you might still be hesitant, wondering about the process and the costs. But when you include all of the initial and ongoing expenses, implants may not cost much, if any, more than your other tooth restoration options (especially if your dental insurance covers them.) And, with teeth in a day procedures, like those offered through Teeth Express, many people can get their implants done within only a matter of hours.

Thus, for the great majority of dental patients, modern titanium implants with a proper dental crown are the best way to resolve tooth loss.

To learn more about the benefits of dental implants and the process involved, feel free to contact periodontist Dr. Raymond A. Kenzik in Ormond Beach, FL, throughout Volusia and Flagler Counties, and beyond!

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