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A Helpful Periodontal Disease Fact Sheet

Maybe you have some form/stage of gum disease or fear you may have it. Or, maybe you simply want to be on top of things so as to prevent gum disease before it ever happens. In either case, you can benefit from learning basic information relative to gums, gum disease, and laser periodontal treatment that is given below!
Here are 10 facts you should know:

1. Gums Protect Teeth: That’s Their Job.
You may not have thought of it this way before, but the real purpose of gum tissue is sealing tooth roots to protect them from undue exposure to bacteria and disease. Making your smile look better is only a secondary purpose.

2. Sick Gums May Change Color.
Healthy gum tissue is pale pink. Anything darker may be an indication of periodontal disease. Black spots or areas on your gums could signal other serious conditions.

3. Gum Health Is Connected To Body Health.
Your gum health is NOT an isolated issue. Unhealthy gums increases the risk of many other health conditions, including heart disease, kidney disease, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, Alzheimer’s, and systemic inflammation.

4. Periodontal Disease Progresses Slowly.
In many cases, periodontal disease gradually progresses over a number of years. The earlier you catch it and treat it, the less damage is done and the easier it is to reverse it. Don’t overlook early symptoms like “pink in the sink,” tooth sensitivity, and halitosis (chronic bad breath.)

5. Gum Disease Has 3 Main Stages.
Gingivitis is the earliest stage of gum disease and the easiest to treat. Periodontitis is the next stage, and Chronic Periodontitis is the final stage. Advanced stages can risk excessive gum loss, tooth loss, and even loss of bone tissue in the jawbone, so early treatment is a must.

6. Laser Treatment Is The Cutting Edge.
If you have gum disease, particularly a more widespread or severe case of it, definitely consider using laser periodontal treatment. It has many advantages over more traditional treatments, such as less pain, less time in the dental chair, minimal bleeding and swelling, fuller eradication of harmful bacteria, and little to no loss of healthy gum tissue when removing the diseased tissue.

7. Millions Of Americans Have Gum Disease.
Around half of all US adults have some form of gum disease. That equals well over 65 million people with serious gum problems. Unfortunately, only a fraction of these seek professional help with their gums before significant gum deterioration and other severe symptoms have already occurred.

8. Smoking Is The Top Risk Factor.
To prevent gum disease, the number one thing you can do is not smoke tobacco products. Lack of proper oral hygiene and annual checkups with your local dental practitioner are the next two leading risk factors.

9. Gum Disease Is Reversible.
With milder cases of gum disease, adjusting your dental hygiene practices may be able to reverse it. And only by following good oral care post-op can in-office periodontal treatments succeed for the long term.

10. Laser Treatment Requires Experience
If you need or think you may need laser periodontal treatment, don’t trust just any dental professional to handle it. Not all have the special training, experience, and tools this procedure requires.

To learn more about the importance of gum health, the causes and symptoms of gum disease, and the many benefits of laser periodontal treatment, contact periodontist Dr. Raymond A. Kenzik in Central Florida today!

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