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7 Gum Disease Facts You May Not Have Known

If you have gum disease or think you do, in any stage, you should not hesitate to see your periodontist for a “gum check up” and immediately begin, if necessary, the most appropriate form of periodontal treatment.
However, even if you don’t (thankfully) have gum disease, you should be aware of it. The fact is, the majority of US adults develop some form of periodontal disease at some point in their life, but much of this could be avoided if there were greater awareness of such gum disease facts as these seven:

1. It’s Often “Silent But Deadly”.
Less than half of those who have gum disease even know that they do. That’s because it tends to be “silent” in the early stages so that you can easily miss it if you don’t know which symptoms to look for. And that’s why an annual gum check up at your periodontist’s office makes worlds of sense!

2. Gum Disease Is Dangerous.
Yes, periodontal infections not only wreak havoc on your gums, causing them to bleed, swell, recede, and deteriorate; but they can ultimately lead to tooth loss, eat away at your underlying jawbone, and compromise your overall health. Your risk of heart disease, diabetes, birth defects, and more increases when your gums are not healthy.

3. Bad Breath Could Indicate Gum Disease.
Although you can’t very well blame all bad breath on infected gums, the fact is, “halitosis” (chronic bad breath) is often caused by gum disease. The bacterial colonies infesting your gum tissue give off a foul odor that becomes more and more noticeable the worse your gum problems grow.

4. Heredity Affects Gum Health.
Although poor oral hygiene, smoking, and excessive drinking are the top causes of poor gum health, it is also true that heredity plays a role too. Even if you have impeccable dental hygiene habits, follow a healthy diet, and never smoke tobacco, you could get gum disease due to hereditary predisposition.

5. Beware Of Bleeding Gums.
Anyone might brush too hard and accidentally make their gums bleed once in a while. A “once in a blue moon” gum bleeding incident is common and not alarming. But if you begin to notice even small scale bleeding of your gums on a regular or sporadic basis, it could be a sign you’re getting gingivitis.

6. Gum Disease Can Cause Dental Appliances To Fail.
Although a dental implant, crown, or other dental appliance cannot “get infected” since it’s not made of flesh nor bone, yet, infected gum and bone tissue surrounding it can cause it to fail. Plus, if bacteria may be able to take up residence inside of certain appliances. This underscores the importance of choosing dental appliances carefully and of keeping them clean through regular oral care.

7. Periodontal Treatment Can Save Your Gums!
Today, thankfully, there are numerous ways that all stages of periodontal disease can be successfully treated and reversed. Laser periodontal surgery is the most advanced method, but for less severe cases, more traditional techniques are effective and may be preferable. Don’t neglect to get treatment, because that can make the problem worse; and don’t assume it’s too late – because your gums CAN be cured!

To learn more about gum disease and how to prevent and cure it, contact periodontist Dr. Raymond A. Kenzik in Ormond Beach, Florida, today!

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