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7 Facts You Should Know About Gum Disease

Gum disease is a big problem in the US today, due to a number of factors including our less than healthy modern lifestyle. Everyone needs to take care to protect their precious periodontal tissue or to act quickly to treat gum problems should they occur.
In that vein, we give you the top seven gum disease facts you should know in order to take better care of your mouth.

1. Gum Disease Is NOT Rare In The US
The CDCP tells us that around half of US adults suffer from some form of gum disease. Of course, that includes everything from mild forms of gingivitis or even pre-gingivitis all the way up to severe cases of advanced periodontitis. But the point is you shouldn’t assume gum infections won’t come your way because the odds are high it could happen.

2. Early Stages Of Gingivitis Can Be “Silent”
The early stages of gingivitis can be working on your gums without you ever even suspecting it. That’s because gum infections start gradually and may not be painful at first. Catching it early is key to successful reversal without surgery, so be sure to get an annual checkup with your local periodontist!

3. Poor Oral Self-care Is The Leading Cause
There are many things that increase the risk of getting gum disease, including genetic predisposition, smoking, heavy drinking, overuse of certain medications, and following a poor diet. But the number one risk factor by far is poor oral hygiene. Brushing, flossing, and taking good care of your mouth day to day do wonders to prevent periodontal disease.

4. Lack Of Cavities Doesn’t Equal Healthy Gums
Some people assume that if they don’t have any caries, then their gums must be healthy. But in reality, your gum tissue can already be infected by bacterial colonies and in the process of disintegration before your teeth are much affected. While gum disease may lead to cavities or even tooth loss, it doesn’t always – especially not in the early stages of the disease.

5. Gums May Bleed During Pregnancy
Many times, women will experience bleeding gums while pregnant, a condition aptly named pregnancy gingivitis. Being extra careful to keep up your oral health while expecting, getting extra dental cleanings and checkups, and keeping a close eye on your gums are the answers. Pregnancy gingivitis won’t usually lead to long-term problems if you take some extra precautions.

6. Diabetes Puts Your Gums At Greater Risk
Another condition that can make you susceptible to gum infection and inflammation is diabetes. Diabetics have difficulty processing sugars and have a weaker immune system, which puts them at greater risk in regard to their gums. Again, a little extra care goes a long way toward counteracting this extra risk.

7. Bad Breath May Be A Tell-tale Sign
Halitosis, which is chronically bad breath, can often be a tell-tale sign of festering gum disease. This isn’t always the case, of course. There are many other causes of bad breath too, such as eating the wrong foods or not drinking enough water. But the bacteria that cause gum disease give off a foul odor, making them a possible reason for bad breath that “just won’t go away.”

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