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7 Facts About Gum Disease You May Not Know

Everyone knows that gum disease is no fun and that keeping your gum tissue healthy is important. But there is still a lot about gum disease that people don’t know. And there is a lot of false information out there about gum disease as well.
One of the first steps to better equipping yourself to reverse or prevent periodontal disease is to become better informed concerning it. Here are 8 important facts about periodontal disease that everyone should know:

1. Gum Disease Starts Silently.
In the early stages, the majority of people afflicted don’t even realize that they have periodontal disease. In fact, more people have it and don’t know it than have it and do know it. Recognizing symptoms early is key, so this silent attack makes annual checkups with your local periodontist that much more crucial.

2. Bones Are Affected, Not Just Gums.
Both gums and the alveolar bone ridge (in the jawbone) help support teeth. Most people only think of gum tissue deteriorating when they think of gingivitis and advanced periodontal disease. But it also can harm the bone tissue surrounding tooth roots.

3. Plaque Is The Leading Cause
Plaque buildup due to poor oral hygiene is the leading cause of gum disease – that’s the same thing that causes tooth decay. Bacteria then colonize the plaque and begin to cause inflammations and disintegration of gum tissue. Ultimately, pain, bleeding, sores, and deep bacteria-infected pockets hid below the gum line develop.

4. It’s The Number One Cause Of Tooth Loss
That’s right, diseased gum tissue is the number one cause of tooth loss in the USA today. Cavities often develop in the roots of teeth only because the gums have peeled back and exposed them. Bacteria festering due to periodontal disease then attacks the tooth roots as well as the gums.

5. Bleeding Gums Are NOT Normal
Some think that a little “pink in the sink” is to be expected and nothing to worry about. But if your gums bleed regularly when you brush your teeth – that is NOT normal. A small amount of bleeding on rare occasions may not be a concern, but anything approaching regularity – even in small amounts, is a red flag not to be ignored.

6. Gums In Poor Health Can Cause Bad Breath
Halitosis, meaning chronic bad breath, is one of the leading symptoms of chronic gum disease. While there are many other causes of bad breath, if you can’t find any other reason for it – see your periodontist!

7. Gum Disease Can Be Related To Your Overall Health
There are links between gum health and overall health. Having gum disease puts you at higher risk of having heart disease, a stroke, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, children born with birth defects, and more. And it’s a bi-directional link: poor gum health increases the risk of certain other health problems AND certain other conditions make it more likely you will get periodontal disease.

8. Periodontal Disease Can Be Hereditary
While poor oral health, other health conditions, smoking, heavy drinking, and other risk factors predominate, some people do everything right and still get gum disease. That’s because you can be genetically predisposed to this disease, just like for many other health problems.

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