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5 Key Advantages Of PST Grafts For Gum Recession

Pinhole surgical technique (PST) grafts are the most minimally invasive way to correct gum line recession in modern dentistry. While other options, like soft tissue grafts, may be best in some cases, PST grafts are easily the most beneficial approach with qualified dental candidates.
Sometimes also referred to as “pinhole gum rejuvenation,” PST grafts truly have a lot to offer and have great reviews from past patients – here are their top 5 advantages!

1. Full Mouth Coverage Same-day
One of the most important benefits of the PST approach is that your periodontist can treat as much of your gum tissue as needed in a single sitting. He or she can lift the gum line for multiple teeth, or even your whole mouth, same-day.

That’s a big difference when you consider that some other techniques require multiple sittings and may stretch out for months or even a full year from start to finish.

2. PST Grafts Are Minimally Invasive
The other huge advantage of PST grafting is that it is minimally invasive. That is, not scalpels or dental stitches are involved. A tiny pinhole incision is made just above the part of the gum tissue to be relocated, and that’s it.

A well-trained periodontist can complete the procedure safely, working through these small pinholes with specialized hand tools. It generally takes less time to complete and entails less potential patient discomfort than other methods.

3. No Stitches Are Needed
This bears separate mentioning – no dental sutures are used with PST grafts. How can that be? Collagen strips are inserted through the pinhole incisions and used to hold the gums in their new position.

Collagen strips are resorbable pieces of collagen membrane and have been used in dentistry for many years. They are 100% safe and will become a normal part of your gums plus encourage rejuvenation of your own gum tissue.

4. Faster Recovery Time
Sometimes called a “lunchtime gum lift,” PST grafts can be done faster than other methods. But recovery time is faster too, and more pleasant. There is a decreased risk of post-op problems developing, of significant pain, swelling, or bleeding, or of gum tissue slipping out of place again.

You get the immediate look of a normal smile with PST grafts too instead of having to wait for months while your mouth heals and returns to its normal appearance.

5. An Affordable Procedure
Your gums are important, and you need to take care of them! Thankfully, PST grafts have very few dental insurance restrictions, making them more affordable to many patients. Also, the fact the whole procedure can be completed in one appointment can also save you time and money.

It is true that if you have excessive bone loss around a tooth root or have periodontal disease, then the PST method may not be best for you. And you need to avoid too-harsh brushing of the gums and correct teeth-grinding (bruxism) if you have it. But otherwise, most people qualify for PST grafts.

To learn more about how the PST graft procedure works and whether it’s right for you, contact Ormond Beach Periodontics & Implant Dentistry in Central Florida today! We look forward to helping you recover your natural smile in the most minimally invasive way possible.

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