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3 Facts About the Cost of Dental Implants

Dr. Raymond A. Kenzik specializes in providing cosmetic relief and improved dental health for patients who have a missing tooth or multiple teeth. If you are in need of a professional dental implant or are interested in more information about dental implants, we would like to share three facts about dental implant cost in Ormond Beach, FL.
1. Initial Consultations Are Essential for Determining the Total Cost of Implants
As you are learning more about dental implants and your options for implants, know that your initial consultation with your periodontist is one of the most essential factors for determining how much you can expect to pay. Your health will be evaluated, which informs Dr. Kenzik of whether you may require additional procedures, such as supplemental imaging. This impacts the final cost of your implants.

2. Anesthetic Also Determines the Price of Implants
If you have a tendency to become nervous when it comes to medical procedures, you may prefer general anesthesia so that you can sleep while your implants are installed. This is more expensive than a local anesthesia, which is when specific areas of your mouth are numbed during your procedure. Be sure to discuss your preference and the cost during your initial consultation.

3. You Can Save Money with Dentures Instead of Implants, but it Comes with a Cost
If you are concerned about the overall price of dental implants, you have the option of getting dentures, which are less expensive. With that in mind, know that dentures can slip out while you are eating, talking or laughing, which can lead to no end of embarrassment. While undoubtedly more expensive, dental implants are better for your confidence, oral health and offer improved long-term success when compared to dentures.

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