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Why Choose Laser Periodontal Treatment?

If you could have your first choice, it would be to never experience gum disease in any of its stages and to never need any form of periodontal treatment.

But despite your best efforts at prevention, it’s always possible to still end up in need of periodontal treatment. And typically, LANAP (laser periodontal therapy) stands out as the overall most beneficial treatment option.

What Is Laser Periodontal Treatment?
LANAP is the most cutting edge of all laser gum treatment methods in modern dentistry. It already has a solid history of success and has achieved superior, longer lasting results for many dental patients.

It is performed by using a pulsed NdYag laser with a tool held in the hand of a skilled periodontist. The laser is used to painlessly remove or repair badly infected gum tissue.

The laser is also used to stop bleeding with a different setting which causes a fibrin clot to form around the tooth and the gums to prevent bleeding or infection. And the laser energy actually kills off harmful bacteria in an extremely effective manner.

Benefits Of Laser Periodontal Surgery
LANAP laser surgery techniques have many benefits for periodontal patients, in addition to or to a greater degree than what traditional gum surgery offers.

Not everyone is a good candidate for laser gum surgery, and traditional methods are certainly satisfactory – but, in most cases of severe gum disease, laser surgery takes it to the next level for the patient.

Here are the major benefits of (LANAP) laser periodontal treatment you should be aware of when making a decision on how to get your gum disease corrected: Remember that the Millennium MVP-7 is the only laser directly tested and certified by the FDA and was designed for treatment of periodontal disease, Not all lasers are built the same. It has a specifically designed protocol for use and is a NdYag pulsed laser.

  1. Precise targeting of the gums (this laser fiber is as thin as three human hairs) prevents loss of healthy gum tissue while infected tissue is removed.
  2. Removal of bad tissue and killing off of harmful bacteria by penetration of the soft tissues without damaging healthy gums is a remarkable achievement.
  3. There is evidence to suggest that laser treatment actually stimulates new gum tissue and bone attachment growth, something no other treatment method can boast.
  4. There is little to no pain,less need for anesthetic, and little to no bleeding involved.
  5. The surgery usually takes less time than traditional techniques.cases.
  6. There is less down time, with most people recovering enough to go back to work within 24 hours. And full recovery and healing is quicker as well.
  7. You need fewer follow up appointments with laser gum surgery.

Cost And Insurance Coverage For Laser Treatment
Many people fear choosing laser periodontal treatment because of the expense.. But in most cases, these fears are completely unfounded.

Most dental insurance won’t exclude a treatment based on how the problem is corrected. Cosmetic procedures are often excluded, but not necessary gum treatment just because high-tech lasers were used.

And due to the fact fewer visits to the periodontist’s office are needed with laser surgery, it often costs the same or less than alternative treatments.

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